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Tony's Fence Policies

At Tony's Fence, we’re dedicated to giving our customers a fair, rewarding and enjoyable shopping experience. Take a look at our store policies detailed below to learn more, and reach out today with any questions.



What You Need to Know

We are currently don’t offer delivery aside from when included with installation.



How It Works

ALL ORDERS ARE CUSTOM MADE and are limited to the scope of work as outlined in the contract.
**Change Order:** Any deviation from the above quote involving a change in the scope of work or any additional costs will be executed only with a written change order signed and dated by both the Company and Customer. In the event of any alteration being required by the customer in design or specification the contractor shall be entitled to make an adjustment to the contract price corresponding to such alteration.  

Get in Touch

Warranty at Tony's Fence

About Our Policy

Company warrants all work will be performed in a good and workmanlike manner. Tony’s Fence Company Inc. warranties labor for a one-year period. This does not include any labor required to repair damage to fences because of an act of God, misuse, or abuse. Manufacturer’s warranties apply to materials supplied by Tony’s Fence Company Inc. Wood materials carry NO Manufacturer’s warranty. Wood is a natural material that may crack, check, split, twist, or warp. 


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